dualsensex ds5 windows

v2.1.0 – check out what’s new!

● Completely removed Steam API related functions from DSX
● Uses a Launcher now
● Steam Playing now status shows up for the first 5 seconds then it’s gone
● Discord Rich presence from steam no longer shows except the rich presence done within the app ex.. Which tab you’re on, battery percentage etc..

DSX Update v2.0.0 – Changes from the GitHub version

The new update will feature many new changes and added features from v1.4.9 (GitHub) shown below:

New Design

DSX has been redesigned from the ground up to make the user experience much more fluid and enjoyable!

Bug Fixes

A ton of bug fixes and improvements

Touchpad LED Modes
  • Static Color
  • Rainbow
  • Custom
  • Breathing
  • Strobing
  • Battery
Adaptive Triggers
  • Applying Trigger modes have been separated for Left Trigger and Right Trigger
  • Export Triggers implementation:
    • Copy to clipboard
    • Export for Textfile use
    • Export for UDP use
Controller Vibration

Separated from Adaptive triggers list with two modes available:

  • Time based – Choose your intensity and time up to 1,000 seconds
  • Interval based – Choose your intensity/Interval and time up to 1,000 seconds
Games Tab

Games Tab has a mod section with list of mods you can use that works with DSX through either UDP or Textfile method to talk with the controller to have dynamic Adaptive Triggers

Workshop Tab

In a future update, users will be able to view the Workshop Tab to find adaptive trigger profiles submitted by other users, more on this later!

Stats Tab

19 Fun Achievements like Travel Distance of Triggers, Number of button presses combined and more!

Stats Tab is all about viewing your stats and Achievements/Leaderboards.
Three Menus:

  • Achievements – View your progress for unlocking all 19 Achievements.
  • My Stats – View your current Trigger Distance and number of button presses
  • Leaderboards (Coming in a later update) – View global ranking of Trigger Distance and number of button presses

With shortcuts, you can manually open the Game Bar or turn off the DualSense Controller (BT)


HidHIde has now been integrated within DSX again to hide the physical controller

and a lot more…

DualSenseX 1.4.9

Touchpad to Mouse NEW

  • Scroll with 2 fingers as well as adjusting scroll speed
  • Invert Scroll toggle
  • 3 different sensitivity speeds for mouse movement
    can choose any of the Controller buttons to activate them
  • Left Click in pressed state with any Controller Button
  • Right Click with any Controller Button then tap or press

Audio Haptics

  • Delay slider has been implemented with adjustments from 1-20ms
  • Resolved issue not being able to toggle ON/OFF
  • Some internal changes to improve the experience

Other Changes

  • HidHide has been removed completely
    please use the HidHide Configuration Client instead
  • Settings Page elements have been adjusted for clarity
  • Minor Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Improved connection with the controller for a better experience

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! 🎉

If you enjoy this App, please consider checking out my other work

DualSenseX 1.4.8

Touchpad to Mouse NEW

Audio Haptics

Other Changes

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! 🎉

If you enjoy this App, please consider checking out my other work

DualSenseX 1.4.7

Info Tab

Player LED

Audio Haptics

DualSenseX 1.4.6

New way of saving App Settings, the previous save file will no
ㅤㅤlonger be used and will be deleted after updating. It will
ㅤㅤbe as if you installed the App for the first time, if you
ㅤㅤhave any settings in there, please take note of them to
ㅤㅤreapply them after the update. Sense2Key Profiles ‎will
ㅤㅤnot be deleted, apologize for the inconvenience.

● Touchpad Rainbow speed slider has been replaced with 4 new
ㅤㅤspeed presets to choose from: Slow, Medium, Fast, and Hyper.

● Info Tab has been redesigned completely to match the macOS version
ㅤㅤDSM (DualSenseM). This gives a preview of the redesign of the
ㅤㅤApp completely that will follow.

● Some minor bug fixes

DualSenseX 1.4.5

New way of saving App Settings that doesn’t get corrupted Due
ㅤㅤto the new system, the previous save file will no longer
ㅤㅤbe used and will be deleted after updating. It will be as if
ㅤㅤyou installed the App for the first time, if you have any
ㅤㅤsettings in there, please take note of them to reapply them
ㅤㅤafter the update. Sense2Key Profiles ‎will not be deleted.
● Audio Haptics now include more options for better customization
ㅤ It will now auto detect the current Default Playback Device
ㅤㅤand will try to reapply the Haptics. There’s a new refresh list
ㅤㅤbutton incase it fails to switch or a device was removed etc..
ㅤㅤThere’s a new Volume Sync Options Dropdown, which allows you to
ㅤㅤsync and change the volume going to the Controller. Depending
ㅤㅤon the Sync options, there are 4 New Sliders to manually adjust
ㅤㅤThe Volume for Left/Right Motor and/or Headset/Speaker.
● Touchpad LED redesigned with a new Dropdown of 3 options
ㅤㅤStatic Color, Rainbow, and Custom to set RGB values manually
● Player LED has a new option called Battery Level which will
ㅤㅤdisplay the Battery level through the 5 LED’s. There’s also
ㅤㅤanother option to have the LED flash While it’s charging
● A new option in settings, a Reset App Settings Button which
ㅤㅤcan help in troubleshooting, it will make the current save
ㅤㅤfile Named to DSX_SaveFile_OLD.xml, if you wish to revert
ㅤㅤgo to C:\Temp\DualSenseX\ and just remove the “_OLD” from
ㅤㅤthe name.
● Added an initial loading phase at the start of the app
● Touchpad Rainbow mode has been fixed, will no longer cause
ㅤㅤthe UI to freeze, as well as adding hyper speed changing,
ㅤㅤbe sure to give it a try!
● Many Crashes and Bugs fixed to make App much more stable
● Overlay has been disabled as it’s not being worked on for now