dualsensex ds5 windows

DualSenseX Download

Here you can download the official DualSenseX application. The older version is free to download but limited to new features and won’t receive any updates in the future. The paid version of DualSenseX can be purchased through Steam with the latest features and updates.

dualsensex ds5windows

DSX Free Download Version

DSX Steam Paid Version


Bring your DualSense Controller to life on PC with support for Adaptive Triggers and Haptic Feedback!
Whether you’re using Steam or a different platform, you will be able to use DSX with all Games!

DualSenseX only works with the PS5 Controller DualSense

Supported Connections

  • USB
  • Bluetooth

Emulation Type

Choose your Emulation type while also getting the functionality of a DualSense Controller:‏‏‎

  • Xbox360
  • DualShock 4
  • OFF (for no Emulation, reading only inside app)

More Features

  • Support for 20+ Languages
  • Launch App with Windows Startup
  • Speaker/Headphone Jack audio (USB ONLY)
  • Get Battery life percentage and Battery status of controller
  • Configure Controller LED to your liking
  • Test out different Adaptive Trigger Modes and controller vibration
  • and more…


The new update will feature many new changes and added features from v1.4.9 (Free Version) shown below:

New Design

DSX has been redesigned from the ground up to make the user experience much more fluid and enjoyable!

Bug Fixes

A ton of bug fixes and improvements

Touchpad LED Modes

  • Static Color
  • Rainbow
  • Custom
  • Breathing
  • Strobing
  • Battery

Adaptive Triggers

  • Applying Trigger modes have been separated for Left Trigger and Right Trigger
  • Export Triggers implementation:
    • Copy to clipboard
    • Export for Textfile use
    • Export for UDP use

Controller Vibration

Separated from Adaptive triggers list with two modes available:

  • Time based – Choose your intensity and time up to 1,000 seconds
  • Interval based – Choose your intensity/Interval and time up to 1,000 seconds

Games Tab

Games Tab has a mod section with list of mods you can use that works with DSX through either UDP or Textfile method to talk with the controller to have dynamic Adaptive Triggers

Workshop Tab

In a future update, users will be able to view the Workshop Tab to find adaptive trigger profiles submitted by other users, more on this later!

Stats Tab

19 Fun Achievements like Travel Distance of Triggers, Number of button presses combined and more!

Stats Tab is all about viewing your stats and Achievements/Leaderboards.
Three Menus:

  • Achievements – View your progress for unlocking all 19 Achievements.
  • My Stats – View your current Trigger Distance and number of button presses
  • Leaderboards (Coming in a later update) – View global ranking of Trigger Distance and number of button presses


With shortcuts, you can manually open the Game Bar or turn off the DualSense Controller (BT)


HidHIde has now been integrated within DSX again to hide the physical controller

and a lot more…