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How to Connect and Use PS5 controller on PC (DSX, Steam & DS4W)

Connecting and using your PS5 controller on Windows 10/11 PC is fairly simple, as Sony finally designed a plug and play controller. Although, not all the games support the new DualSense features natively, we can however install a tool called DualSenseX to add adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, remap keys and change RGB lighting to any game. So let’s dive deeper and find out how to connect and use our PS5 controller on PC.

how to use and connect ps5 controller to pc

How to Connect and Use PS5 Controller on PC

There are two physical connection methods on how to connect your PS5 controller on PC, either wired or via Bluetooth. Depending on your preference, we recommend using a BT connection for the best experience however using third party apps, wired would be the way to go. Once your PS5 controller is connected to your PC, we then have three software tools we can use to customize the controller to our liking.

PS5 Controller Connections: Wired or Bluetooth


Firstly, connect via an USB cable, specifically a Type-C USB cable. By plugging in the cable into your computer and the controller, your windows should play the “device has been detected sound” and your controller is ready to be used. To double check your controller is in fact connected and working, use the built-in gamepad tester on DualSenseX or by searching “controller” in Windows control panel.


Secondly, connecting via Bluetooth. If your PC doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth then you will need to buy a USB Bluetooth adapter. (Specifically a good dongle, think of brand names or the official Sony BT adapter, as weak dongles can interfere with input delay.)

To get connected, open the Bluetooth & other devices menu in Windows by pressing the Windows key and typing ‘Bluetooth.’ Then click ‘Add Bluetooth or other device’ and the first item on the next menu that says ‘Bluetooth.’ Your PC will start searching for available devices.

On the DualSense, hold down the PlayStation logo button and the Share button (the small one to the left of the touchpad) until the LEDs around the touchpad begin flashing rapidly. Within a few seconds, ‘Wireless controller’ should pop up in your Bluetooth devices list to connect to. Just click on it to finish pairing.

Software to Connect and Customize your DualSense Controller

Each program has it’s pro’s and cons and we will go through all the steps on how to use and connect your PS5 Dualsense controller to PC.

Using DualSenseX to connect PS5 Controller on PC

DualSenseX is the ultimate tool for DualSense owners to use your PS5 controller on a Windows 10/11 PC. Bring your DualSense Controller to life! Use 20 different Adaptive Trigger modes, enable Haptic Feedback(USB), Emulate Xbox 360 or DualShock 4 through USB or Bluetooth on PC and more.

DSX can do the following:

  • Virtual Controllers:

     Choose between Xbox 360, DualShock 4, and DualSense Emulation to tailor your gaming experience.

  • Sleek New User Interface:

     A modern and streamlined look for a more intuitive user experience.

  • Robust Support for Multiple Controllers:

     Connect and play with multiple controllers for an immersive gaming experience.

  • Highly Customizable Profile System:

     Tailor your gaming experience with ease.

  • Action System and Controller Page Interface:

     Live and ready, offering dynamic user interactions and customization.

  • Haptic Feedback Modes: 

    Immerse yourself in your games with our dynamic haptic feedback modes.

    • Audio To Haptics:

       Feel the rhythm of your game through haptic feedback.

    • Rumble To Haptics:

       Experience vibrations like never before.

    • Button To Haptics:

       Get tactile responses from your controller’s buttons.

    • Trigger To Haptics:

       Precise feedback through the adaptive triggers.

    • Joystick To Haptics:

       Navigate the virtual world with nuanced haptic sensations.

  • DualShock 4 Support:

     Play seamlessly with your favorite DualShock 4 controllers.

  • And a lot more!


You need to have the following for DualSenseX to work correctly. Install and configure in order.

  1. Windows 10 or 11
  2. DualSense PS5 Controller (USB or Bluetooth Connected as mentioned above)
  3. Latest .net framework
  4. ViGEmBus Driver
  5. HidHide (Optional) If not already integrated within the DSX app
  6. DualSenseX Install file


Depending on which version you want to install. The free version of DSX is a standalone install file and won’t require Steam to use the app however the app itself won’t have all the latest features and future updates. Support the developer by purchasing the Steam version or if you like, continue using the FREE version.

Installing DualSenseX

As mentioned above, install the requirements first before running the DSX install file. Extract the dualsenseX-setup.zip and double click to launch the application.

If the “Windows protected your PC” pops up, click on more info and then, run anyway. You will be presented with DualSenseX loading screen and you are ready to use the application. Plug in your Dualsense controller to your PC for DSX to detect your PS5 controller.

DualSenseX Free Startup
DualSenseX Search for PS5 controller
how to connect ps5 controller to pc
DualSenseX Steam Startup
DualSenseX PS5 Controller connected

DSX Tabs

DualSenseX comes with a plethora of configurations and options to play around with and each top bar tab makes it simpler to customize and use the application.


The default landing tab will enable you to change and modify the controller LED’s, select the emulation type, configure adaptive triggers responses and importing game developers controller scripts via a text file.


The controller tab acts like a gamepad tester and allows one to test controller keys, adaptive trigger responses and controller specifications.


The games tab is made for users to download game mods and profiles with seamless integration.


Sense2Key is a controller to keyboard input mapper. Select from the dropdown any keyboard key to map to your controller. Different profiles can be created and imported from other players.


The settings menu enables users to configure the DualSenseX app, enable and disable options built for user satisfaction. This is where you can change gyroscope accelerator, audio haptics, touchpad settings, shortcuts, find the correct drivers, controller cloaking, view release notes and much more.


Everything you need to know about DSX and their creators!

Using Steam to connect PS5 Controller on PC

Steam initially supported DualSense in November 2020 and has continued to improve support.

Connect the DualSense to your computer via Bluetooth or wire. Once it is connected, launch Steam and activate Big Picture Mode. The DualSense should now be recognized and listed under the PlayStation 5 controller category. Steam will automatically set the keybinds so that they mimic the Xbox controller layout. The Triangle button is Y, and the Square button is Z ,etc.

Calibrate can adjust the joystick’s sensitivity. Preferences allows you to name the controller, enable/disable the rumble and set the color and brightness of an LED strip surrounding the touchpad.

This is a crucial tip: Make sure that PlayStation Configuration Support has been checked if you wish to modify the layout or gyro controls of your DualSense controller. Once you have this checked, you can use the PlayStation logo button to bring up Steam’s controller configuration screen.

Remember: The controller configurator can only be accessed through Steam Big Picture mode.

ps5 controller pc steam

You can also swap out button bindings and modify the touchpad’s functionality (it can do separate left and right-clicks), and configure the gyroscope if you wish to use gyro aim. To enable completely different button bindings, you can create Action Sets or Action Layers (opens new tab), and then switch between them in-game. You could, for example, create an Action Set to enable gyro controls in GTA and activate it by pressing a key whenever you get in a plane.

 If you just want your DualSense to work like any ol’ gamepad, though, you can leave this screen alone, no tweaking required.

Using DS4Windows to connect PS5 Controller on PC

DS4Windows is an open-source gamepad input mapper and virtual emulator designed to use and connect your PlayStation controller (DualShock 3/4 and DualSense 5) to a Windows 10 & 11 PC.

Due to Sony’s PlayStation controllers like the DualShock4 not supporting Windows natively (by that we mean you can try plugging it in via USB or Bluetooth and it won’t be detected, sucks right?). Well, this is where an awesome tool called DS4windows comes handy and emulates a Xbox controller and tricks the computer into thinking the DS4, is in fact, an Xbox game pad (virtual emulation occurs). With the PS5 Controller working as plug and play, DS4Windows enables dualsense functionalities such as;

  • Most DualSense controller features are supported
  • The headphone jack and microphone can only be used when used via USB (native gamepad function, unrelated to DS4Windows)
  • Adaptative triggers are supported but can only be used in limited forms
  • Advanced rumble effects are not used. Rumble acts as common one
  • Bluetooth 2.1? + EDR or higher required for wireless connection (necessary confirmation)

Download, Install & Setup DS4Windows




Downloading and starting DS4Windows

  • Download the latest DS4Windows x64 package
    • The .7zip package is smaller but requires the 7zip software in order to open/extract it
  • Extract the package in a easily accessible folder (e.g.: Desktop, Documents, Download etc)
    • DO NOT extract it inside a folder the requires elevated privilegies (e.g.: Program Files, Windows)
  • Execute the DS4Windows.exe file to run DS4Windows
  • On first launch DS4Windows may ask you where to save its user data (settings and profiles):
    • AppData folder (recommended): user data is stored outside of the program folder, inside a special folder reserved to your Windows user
    • Program folder: user data is stored inside the same folder DS4Windows.exe is located


Drivers Setup

When running DS4Windows for the first time it may prompt you to install some drivers, with the first one being essential. Install them accordingly to your needs then hit the Finished button after.

DriverRecommended?Driver function
ViGEmBUSREQUIREDAllows DS4Windows to create virtual Xbox/DS4 controllers
HidHideStrongly recommendedUsed to “hide” your real controller in order to prevent games from simultaneously recognizing both your real controller and the virtual controller created by DS4Windows, a situation that can lead to the infamous double controller input issue
FakerInputOptionalUseful for users who want to use their controllers as keyboard and mouse. Though DS4Windows can do so by itself, the FakerInput has better performance and can work in more games and situations where Windows might prevent the usage ofDS4Windows’ normal keyboard/mouse handler


Final steps

ds4windows install
DS4windows getting started

Assuming your controller has been detected then Xbox Controller emulation should already be working and you are all set. Good Luck and Have Fun!

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