dualsensex ds5 windows

DS5/DSX Windows Drivers

For DualSenseX DS5 Windows to properly function on your Windows 10/11 PC you are required to install necessary first and third party drivers. Some of which, of course, are optional but will improve DualSenseX’s capabilities. Here we will list and give a description of every driver needed to allow your DualSense controller to work with DSX.

dualsensex ds5windows

DSX/DS5 DualSense Drivers for PC

1. ViGEmBus Driver - Virtual Gamepad Emulation Bus

The ViGEmBus driver is the most important driver used by DualSenseX. It can create virtual/fake/emulated controllers, which DSX uses to spawn virtual Xbox and DS4 controllers.

2. HidHide

The HidHide driver allows the user to “hide” gamepads from the system and make them detectable to only chosen programs in order to prevent the infamous double input issue.

3. Windows Libraries & Frameworks

4. DualSenseX

After downloading and installing the above required software you should restart your computer. Now download and launch DualSenseX!